Week Eight: Back to a New Normal

This week, we continue to plan for #givercraft, we manage registrations and our world builders are still working.

Plan for a meeting on Saturday. The time is yet to be announced.

In addition, we need to start thinking about data collection and methodology. We will be writing up this project to submit to a journal: The Journal of Online Learning Research. I am an executive editor on this journal, so I can’t be an author on the paper, nor can I take part in the review of the paper. But I will guide you all to create the best article possible as you write up your findings.

While there are several types of projects which have been done for K-12 open education, there are very few that have been published. In fact most of the research done has been on online and blended environments, and most of that is large-scale descriptive research, and not classroom level research. We have a unique opportunity at this point to contribute to the literature in a way that is an obvious gap.

To frame your understanding of current research in K-12 open and online environments, please read this book chapter. Please don’t share it as this is not the final copy. The handbook this comes from will be published on November 2…so you are getting a sneak peek. This chapter establishes well the gaps that occur in the research, and can provide some resources that could frame your literature review for the study.

Open Learning in K-12 Online and Blended Learning Environments

This week, select a certain area of literature to focus on: Open Learning in K-12; Global Projects in K-12; Learning with Minecraft; Obstacles for Rural K-12 Schools that can be addressed with online or blended learning; use of Wikis for K-12 Learning (online or blended); or Literacy and Technology.

These will be the headings for our literature review (at least at this point).

Sign up for your topic on this spreadsheet. 

This week, by Sunday, create an initial review of the literature for the topic you selected to focus on, and post this to your blog. This should be at least 500 words, and should be appropriately APA formatted. Over next week, we will read over the lit reviews each of us have created, put these together in one unified review of the literature, and decide on our data collection methodology and analysis strategies, informed by the reviews you have all done.

Onward and upward!


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